11/12 March 2011

Paul Ricard, France
Official Test


Paul Richard test.

Last weekend"s test at Paul Ricard was the first outing for our new LMS car for 2010, and as so, also the first time I got to drive it. Which, by the way, was a relief after a very  long winter "holiday!"

The weather in Southern France was not as expected though,  with temperatures down below 5C, with a freezing wind coming straight from the Alps, and even some light rain. This obviously gave the team a lot of challenges regarding tyres and setup, but exept from a faulty starter motor, at least the car worked well troughout the entire test.

Having a totally updated car before this season, some minor mishaps was "expected", but in general, the few problems we experienced should be easily solved. Sorting these, and getting the new aero-package in place, should make our next test at Magny Cours very interesting.

Alltough our engineers lacked vital data to perfect the cars setup, a 5th and 8th respectively out of 15 cars in class , was totally acceptable, but also made it clear we needed an extra test before the first race at Paul Ricard in April.

With very limited time, this is going to be a close call, but as we definately aims for podiums this season, it is assuring for me to notice the teams willingness to do what it takes to optimize the car. Personally I felt I adapted well to the car, and with the extra potential we obviously have in the car, I feel confident all three drivers will perform very well, and are very exited to get going with the racing!