11/12 March 2011

Paul Ricard, France
Official Test


"The secret of motorsport"

Former Formula 1-driver Anthony Davidson describes sportscar racing as "the fantastic secret of motorsport".

-After leaving the world of F1 and joining the sportscar scene, I suddenly realised it was like this secret of motorsport that no one has discovered, he said to Autosport..

-The cars are fantastic and the scene is brilliant. The fans that are dedicated to that scene already know, but just because it doesn't get the same kind of marketing behind it and the same kind of fanbase in pure numbers, it was a big surprise to me just what a brilliant scene the whole sportscar world is, and it's something that I think a driver after Formula 1 can look to do for many a year.

Thor-Christian Ebbesvik agree.

-Sportscar racing is fantastic and just as interesting as Formula 1. The Le Mans 24 hour is probably the biggest race in the world, and it's a reason for that.