11/12 March 2011

Paul Ricard, France
Official Test


Working with strategy

Thor-Christian Ebbesvik is busy working with PR and sponsor strategy for the coming season in the Le Mans Series.

-I have to admit  that the sponsor market is hard these days, but I'm working day and night to secure the best possible budget for 2011. My aim is to be an established sportscar driver for many years to come, the 27 year old Norwegian says.

Thor-Christian had a workshop the other day to focus on sponsorship and PR. Both topics are extremely important in motorsports, and the better prepared you are the better results you will get both on and off the track.

-I really hope some companies in my home town Bergen realizes the potential of both me and the impressing Le Mans Series. This is one of the main racing series in the world, and the media exposure is awesome.